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Mangoes are on their way...

Posted by: Drugs Bunny on Wed, Apr 22nd, 2009

Ladies and mere gentlemen, I write in the spirit of Absolut. And if my endeavor towards some form of intelligence adheres to your also spirited minds then stay linked, for I offer with a twist of lime, a view - biased, corrupt and highly usless.
_ Drugs Bunny

Mangoes are on their way but worse than a fruit that leaves you with heat pustules are the heat pustule covered jhund that will soon arrive by the boogie full. Au revoir russo-brits and namaste to all the summer holidayers from across the nation. An especially loud shout out to the Mumbaikars and Delhiwalles.

Your welcome to defile our beaches with your gross vulgarity, ask for the shortest route to Ka-Lang-Gut beach and the cheapest price for a box of port wine.

I have always loved the summer, simply as a time to bump into my fellow Indians. I'm not one particularly for the Goa returns - Mumbai and Bangalore based white collars who come to visit Nana for the week. The ones who know to strike the schacks when the sun is hot and retire to Mambos to then heat things once again, leave little for me. These people know their way around and don't tickly my funny bone well enough.

My kind is the loose, political party sized groups of wanderers who settle the tables at ever shack and loudly ask "Boss, service milenga ya nahin?" to the sole waiter at the establishment. They then settle down to some butter chicken by the sea.

They ride their open air jeeps and holler obscenities at the village pig. "Singh is King," shouts one happy tourist, revelling in the fact that he got out of the club, bottle of beer in hand.

But best of all, they value a trip here more than anywhere else in the country. It isn't the cheap booze, vinigared pork or twice the price 'authentic' Tibetan silver.

Brining these people to Goa is the promise of a return to civilization's innocence; a place untarnished by the winds of time, until a feni smelling Ashton Kutcher states, "DUDE!!!! You've been PUNKED!"

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