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Goa Information

Places To Visit

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Places to Visit

Mayem Lake:


Take a drive 40 kilometers from Panjim, to the village of Narve, visit the Saptakoteshwar Temple and then relax by the Mayem Lake. Take a boat ride and then enjoy dusk settling over the water, where you can sit with your loved one and enjoy a moonlight dinner. Accommodation is available if you plan to stay overnight.


Aravalem [ Harvalem] :


Cascading down from a height of around 50 meters, this waterfall is certainly a treat to eyes. Situated 45 kilometers away from Panjim and 32 kilometers from Mapusa, this waterfall is best viewed after monsoons, when the ferocity of the water is at its height. Right next to the waterfall is the Rudeshwar temple, a well-known religious destination in the state. A walk of only five minutes takes you to the ancient Buddhist caves.


Dudhsagar :


If you adventurous and love trekking and want to experience the thrill and might of nature, then the Dudhsagar falls is the perfect place for you to hang out. It’s the most frequently visited waterfall along the Goa – Karnataka border. Dudhsagar means the Sea of Milk, and is situated at a distance of 70 kilometers from Panjim and 12 kilometers from Colem railway station. It’s been one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the state for a number of years. The best time to visit is during the months of July to September, the peak of the monsoons, when the water is the most ferocious.


Kesarval Spring :


The Kesarval Spring is another place worth visiting, not just because of the beauty that surrounds the spring but also because the waters of the spring are believed to have a healing quality about them. The spring is situated just 25 kilometers from Panjim.


Big Foot [ Lotoulim ] :


You can see what Goa is now, but to find out where it came from, visit Big Foot in the beautiful village of Lotoulim. Here, one can see the balcao and sopo where the elders of the house sat and the angan or kholi where the kids played. On arriving, you are welcomed in a traditional Goan style with a red tikka on your head. It is believed that this place also contains the foot print of a saint, hence the name.