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healthy eating

Posted by: strykerszero on Mon, Jun 29th, 2009

People must learn to eat moderately to effectively lose weight. It seems as if as the American population increases, so do our appetites. In the past, a simple, leafy sandwich with a glass of milk was enough to satisfy our hunger. How, however, to fill ourselves up, we flat belly diet cookbook eat huge portions, large side entrées, and a gargantuan carbonated drink. If one walks into some fast food restaurants, one can get their meal enlarged or "Super sized". We must go back to our old ways of limiting our food intake. One should eat until there are full, not comatose.

We must not eat too much, but we should eat just enough to maintain our body's need for energy. Overeating has bigger ramifications than most people think. However, Americans became aware of this "overeating epidemic" when they "flocked to see Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock's documentary about what happens when you eat nothing but McDonald's food for a month. Now McDonald's is discontinuing its Super Size option" (Lemonick).

Eating nutritional foods is necessary in order to successfully lose weight. A misconception people have is that they think it is okay to eat a whole box of chocolate chip flat belly diet cookbook cookies after enjoying a 5K run in the afternoon. This can be one of the worst things a person can do to his body. Although one exercises everyday of his life, one also has to eat healthy.


Posted by: on Sat, Jun 13th, 2009

Fighting fit

I’ve never seen so many people out walking. Brisk strides and powerful strokes, as they make their way through lazier footpath wanderers like me.



Posted by: Charmaine DeSouza on Thu, Jun 11th, 2009

After an incredibly long wait… INOX finally decided to play Star Trek and Angel and Demons. Of course I did not pass the chance of seeing both movies I hear great reviews about. The trailers looked phenomenal and my curiosity was aroused. My friends were raving about these movies.


Rains n Sunshine

Posted by: Charmaine DeSouza on Thu, Jun 11th, 2009

Of rains and sunshine

“I’ve got Sunshine on a cloudy day; when it’s cold outside I got the month of May…” Yea well can’t sing that song anymore coz there is no rain outside and it’s anything but “cold”. Where has all the rain gone? Have the Rain Gods gone on strike? All I can hear is a choir of frogs bellowing away all through the night in the fields below my window. Let me tell you, they’re really loud. They succeed to keep me from sleeping with their croaking. One would think the entire field was covered with frogs.


Mangoes are on their way...

Posted by: Drugs Bunny on Wed, Apr 22nd, 2009

Ladies and mere gentlemen, I write in the spirit of Absolut. And if my endeavor towards some form of intelligence adheres to your also spirited minds then stay linked, for I offer with a twist of lime, a view - biased, corrupt and highly usless. ...more